ImprovMX SMTP is easy to set up within Outlook. You'll be able to switch between your alias ( and the host Outlook address for each piece of sent mail. Follow these steps to get started!

- You must be a premium or business member to use ImprovMX SMTP.
- This guide uses the Outlook web client: Mileage may vary depending on the version of Outlook's desktop application that you're using.

1 ) Generate your SMTP user in the ImprovMX dashboard at

  • Click the settings cogwheel next to your domain name, and then select SMTP Credentials.

  • Fill in the username (alias) and create a password. Save this password for use with future steps.

2 ) If you haven't done so already, add one DMARC and two DKIM records to your domain as per the "DNS settings" panel.

3 ) Add your alias to Outlook

  • Open Outlook and head into your "Sync email" settings: Settings Cogwheel -> View all Outlook settings -> Mail -> Sync email

  • Under Connected accounts click Other email accounts

  • Towards the bottom of this prompt, under Advanced settings, tick the "Manually configure account settings" box and click OK

  • Fill in settings as follows:

Display name

Anything you wish

Email Address

User name


SMTP password generated in step 1

You can choose where the imported email will be stored

Leave default (Create new folder...)

Choose your connection type

SMTP send-only connection settings

Outgoing (SMTP) server

Outgoing server port

Leave default (587)

4 ) Massage Outlook to prevent a bug 🙃

  • After clicking OK, while still on the Sync email settings page, Set the default From address to your alias, click save, and then switch it back to the original value and save again.

  • This will "update" Outlook to display your alias as a valid From: while composing a message.

5 ) Send an email from your alias.

  • Compose a new message and select your ImprovMX alias on the From: line by clicking "From".

  • Fill in a valid To: recipient, a test subject and a body, and click send.

  • Confirm receipt of the test email!

You should now be able to use ImprovMX SMTP to send as your alias within Outlook. Repeat these steps to add additional aliases to Outlook. If you have any questions or issues regarding this process, please feel free to shoot us a message and we'll get back to you promptly.

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