How to configure your domain with Namecheap DNS for use on ImprovMX

1. Go to your ImprovMX dashboard at then locate the domain in question (we will use for this example) and click on it to enter the domain settings menu.


2. Scroll down to the MX entries section. This shows the two DNS MX records you will need to add on your DNS control panel. Click on the value at the right hand side - this will copy it to the clipboard for use in the next step.


3. Go to your Namecheap dashboard and choose the domain you will be using with ImprovMX. Click on Advanced DNS to get access to the full DNS control panel.


4. Scroll down the page until you reach the Mail Settings section then open the dropdown list and select Custom MX.


5. There will now be a section where you are able to enter custom MX records, as below.


6. Click in the Host field and enter @.


7. In the Value field, paste the value you copied to the clipboard earlier (


8. Move to the Priority field and enter 10 here. Leave the TTL as Automatic.


9. Click on Save All Changes to save the first MX record.


10. Go back to the ImprovMX dashboard and click on the 2nd MX record value to copy it to the clipboard.


11. Back in Namecheap, click Add New Record underneath the record you just created to start creating the second MX record.


12. Enter @ in the Host field.


13. Paste the value you copied earlier ( into the Mail server field.


14. In the Priority field, enter 20. Leave the TTL as Automatic.


15. Click on Save All Changes.


16. Go back to the ImprovMX dashboard and look for the SPF records section. Click the Recommended Value to copy it to the clipboard.


17. Go back to Namecheap and scroll up to the Host Records section. Click Add New Record.


18. In the Type dropdown, choose TXT Record.


19. Enter @ in the Host field.


20. Paste the SPF value (v=spf1 ~all) into the Value field. Leave the TTL as Automatic.


21. Click on Save All Changes to save the record.


22. That's it! Now you just have to wait for the DNS changes to propagate, which can take up to 24 - 48 hours, although normally much sooner. Once our system has detected the DNS changes we'll notify you and you'll be ready to go! If you're feeling lucky you can try going back to the ImprovMX dashboard and click Check Again in case the changes are picked up straight away!


23. The domain will show Email forwarding active when the DNS changes have propagated successfully.


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