Aliases on ImprovMX

Create an alias

  1. Log into your account at

  2. Fill in your new-alias and destination address(es) underneath the domain name of your choice.

  3. Click add


Delete an alias

  1. Log into your account at

  2. Click the X next to the alias that you wish to delete (you'll have a few seconds to undo this action before it's permanent).


Edit an alias or destination address

  1. Log into your account at

  2. Click the alias and/or destination field to edit.


Alias configuration options

You may configure your aliases and forward-to destinations in a number of ways. Below, you can find a few optional configurations and examples.




Catch-all / wildcard (alias)

Forward all emails sent to a domain.


Black Hole/Block (destination)

Prevent an alias from forwarding mail.


Multiple (destination)

Send an email to multiple destination addresses or URLs (comma separation),, etc.

Webhook/HTTP (destination)

Send POST of email as JSON payload (details here)

Note: This is only available on Premium / Business tiers


Regular expression aliases

Read more


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