Privacy / Logging Levels and how to Change them

As a high-level overview, all the data related to your emails are kept for 7 days and then automatically deleted. Their main and only purpose is to provide you with more details when you reach out to us about a technical delivery issue. We will never read, alter or share your data with anyone else. For more information about our logging policy, please look here.

We offer the ability to adjust your logging settings to suit your needs and provide a balance between privacy and convenience.

To reach your ImprovMX Privacy settings, from your Dashboard, navigate to the Account Info > Privacy screen.

From here you can select the level of information we collect from your account.

There are three Logging options available. These are summarised below.

Lowest log data

Just the legal requirement

Note that if you decide to opt for this setting, we might not be able to help you should you encounter any issue with your email forwarding.

Here's what we will save for 7 days:

  • Client's IP, reverse

  • Hostname value provided in the HELO/EHLO command

  • Return path email (to handle bounces)

  • Date and time

  • Duration of the transaction

  • Size of the email

  • Server name

  • Status (Delivered, Bounce, etc)

  • Response code

  • Duration

  • Attempts

  • Next retry

Intermediate log data

Save email metadata

Same as Lowest log data, but we will also save additional details related to the email for 7 days:

  • Subject

  • Message ID

  • From

  • Recipient

  • Forwarded to

Highest log data

Save undelivered email content

Same as Intermediate log data but we will also save rejected emails on our server when we fail to deliver them for 7 days. This gives you the possibility of downloading a copy of failed messages and will also help you to troubleshoot why the email wasn't delivered. This happens in case of:

  • Temporary failure (e.g. DNS failure)

  • SpamAssassin failure

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