How to sign up for a free Google Workspace Essentials Starter account & link it with ImprovMX

Ready to boost your team’s collaboration without breaking the bank? Google Workspace Essentials Starter edition offers a fantastic suite of tools completely free for up to 100 users – but there’s one catch: no Gmail.

ImprovMX solves this, letting you keep professional email addresses while leveraging those powerful free Google Workspace tools.

Get started in minutes

  1. Start a free ImprovMX account, choose your plan and create email aliases.

  2. Sign up for free Google Workspace Essentials Starter.

  3. Collaborate and communicate with ease!

Why this combo is a win for your team

  • Cost-effective collaboration: Get the benefits of Google Workspace without paying for services you don’t need.

  • Centralized communication: Professional email under your company domain maintains a cohesive brand image.

  • Easy setup: Both Google Workspace and ImprovMX are known for their user-friendly setup processes.

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