What are the sending/receiving limits?

In order to prevent abuse and to protect our email servers' reputation, we have put fair-usage limits in place for each accounts tier.

Please note that on Premium / Business accounts, these limits can sometimes be lifted upon contacting us at support@improvmx.com after we've clarified your use case.

Free accounts

  • Receiving: 500 emails / day

  • Sending : 0

Premium accounts

  • Receiving : 15,000 emails per domain / day

  • Sending: 200 emails per account / day

Business accounts

  • Receiving: 100,000 emails per domain / day

  • Sending: 2,000 emails per account / day

What happens if I exceed the limit?

When a domain encroaches the daily limit, you will receive an automated email notice informing you of the issue. If / when the domain exceeds the limit, ImprovMX will cease processing mail for that domain until roll-over at 00:00 UTC. All mail received after the quota is reached will be returned to the sender with a notice of the account being over quota and a "please try again later" note.

Still have questions?

If you have any other queries please get in touch with our support team.

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