Understanding the Strict MX Verification Setting in ImprovMX


The "Strict MX Verification" feature in ImprovMX is a setting designed for users who utilise ImprovMX as a secondary, or failover, mail server. This setting is enabled by default to ensure that your domain's mail exchange (MX) records are correctly prioritised for seamless failover functionality.

How It Works

  • Enabled (Default Setting): With the "Strict MX Verification" enabled, ImprovMX actively checks the MX records of your domain to confirm that ImprovMX records are set with the correct priority. If any discrepancies are found — specifically, if there are MX records with higher priority than ImprovMX's — we will notify you. This is the default setting and the recommended option for most users, as it helps to ensure all emails to your domain are handled by ImprovMX.

  • Disabled: If you choose to disable this setting, ImprovMX stops monitoring the priority of your domain's MX records. This means you will not receive alerts about your MX record configuration, even if other records take precedence over ImprovMX's. Disabling this setting is suitable for users who manage their MX records independently and are confident in their existing configurations.

Configuring the "Strict MX Verification" Setting

  1. Log in to your ImprovMX dashboard.

  2. Click on the domain you wish to configure.

  3. Go to the Custom Settings section.

  4. Find the Strict MX Verification toggle.

  5. To enable or disable this setting, simply switch the toggle accordingly.

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