ImprovMX SMTP Settings

If you're attempting to set up ImprovMX SMTP in an app or service not covered by one of our guides, you can use the settings below as a reference.

Outbound Settings

If you haven't done so already, you'll need to create your SMTP credentials on your dashboard at

  1. Sign into your account at

  2. Click the settings cogwheel ⚙ next to your domain name → SMTP Credentials.

  3. Fill in the username (alias) and password of your choice.


465/SSL or 587/TLS




Set from:[YOURDOMAIN.COM]/credentials

Inbound Settings

None! ImprovMX doesn't host mail so there are no applicable inbound settings for use with ImprovMX. You may use the destination settings ( forwards-to of your alias for any inbound related business.

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