Can I test my Alias to ensure it is working?

It's only natural that our first instinct after creating a new forwarding alias is to test it to ensure it is working as you expected.

You can do this the old-fashioned way - simply by sending a test email from another email account to your alias (not the same email as the forwarding destination, though!) and confirming receipt of the message.

An even easier alternative is to use the built-in Test button, available right next to the alias on your Dashboard. Click this and our system will generate a test message which should be received at your forwarding destination at lightspeed!

ImprovMX Dashboard with Test button

What if the test message isn't received?

First of all, check your spam / junk mail folder. Occasionally, new email activity such as forwarding can be treated with suspicion by providers and it can take a few messages until the algorithm recognises the new forwarding behaviour. Marking as "Not spam / junk" should help speed this up.

If your forwarding destination is a Gmail account then you can create a filter to prevent this from happening altogether. You should be able to set up a similar rule with other providers too.

If the message isn't in your spam folder then the next step would be to check your ImprovMX logs to see whether the test message was received by our servers.

You can access the logs from your ImprovMX dashboard by clicking on the domain in question and then selecting the Logs tab.

If your message isn't listed here, it means we haven't received it at all. If it is listed - has it been filtered as spam or delivered successfully? The status of the message should give you a clue as to what to do next.

Still have questions?

If you've followed the above steps and things still aren't working or you have any other queries please get in touch with our support team.

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