Does ImprovMX Support ARC (Authenticated Received Chain)?

About ARC

ARC, or Authenticated Received Chain, is like a travel log for emails. When an email is sent, it might pass through various servers before reaching the final recipient. Each server it passes through can check the email and sometimes make necessary changes, which could make subsequent servers suspicious about the email's authenticity.

ARC solves this by letting each server that processes the email add a digital signature to it. This signature is a record of the email's journey, including its authenticity at each step. Even if changes are made to the email along the way, the final server can check these signatures to verify the email's legitimacy. This helps prevent genuine emails from being mistakenly marked as spam due to alterations during their journey.

ARC and ImprovMX

At ImprovMX, we support ARC by signing emails that are forwarded through our service. However, we do not validate emails that arrive with an existing ARC signature. This is because we cannot verify the original sender's legitimacy without establishing a list of trusted senders, which is not feasible for us to maintain.

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