Changing your ImprovMX domain’s login email

Sometimes, the email attached to a domain registered on ImprovMX is not the right one. Maybe you made a mistake while creating it, or you simply want to move to another login email.

We offer a simple solution for this, which requires you to have access to your DNS configuration for your domain.

Steps to update your login email on ImprovMX

  1. Go to ImprovMX, then, instead of filling the domain, click on “Prefer to connect using your domain's DNS entry?” at the bottom of the form.

  2. Upon completion, you will be requested to set a specific TXT entry in your domain DNS settings. We need this step to ensure that you are the legitimate owner of the domain name.

  3. Our server will check this entry every few minutes, and as soon as the entry is found, your domain will be moved to the given email address. You will then receive a one-time login link to that email address.

Still have questions?

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